How To Develop A Better E-Commerce Website Through Magento? 

Previously we presented an interface for Magento platform in which the basic features were discussed. In the second part we will be focusing on hosting and other additional features of Magento.   Hosting of Magento A hosting server with pre-installed Magento is a great option especially when it comes to small companies and startups. This...

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What Is The Difference Between Drupal & Magento Development?

When you choose to buy a new shirt, you probably look for the best shop in the market that exhibits a range of clothing with the top designs and fabrics. The same concept goes on the online platform. People look for the best e-commerce site from where they can achieve the appropriate products. Both Drupal...

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Why Do You Need To Hire Dedicated Mobile Developer ?

As per the traditional thought process of every business owner, hiring dedicated mobile app developer means securing the entire project and finding a better solution at a minimized cost. However, new age technology has changed a lot and the process of working, too. So, when should you exactly hire a dedicated mobile developer?   The...

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Voice search optimization: Why important for businesses?(2021)

Voice search optimization (2021): What is it? I hope most of us are aware of it,But for those who are new let us elaborate its importance for businesses. It is  search which we can do  by giving a voice command.The command can be given to the search engine, app store ,app,smart devices like android, i-phone,google...

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