Voice search optimization: Why important for businesses?(2021)

Voice search optimization: Why important for businesses?(2021)

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  • Posted : 12th January 2021
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Voice search optimization (2021):

What is it?

I hope most of us are aware of it,But for those who are new let us elaborate its importance for businesses.

It is  search which we can do  by giving a voice command.The command can be given to the search engine, app store ,app,smart devices like android, i-phone,google home, Alexa, digital assistants etc.

14 reasons of  VSO  for businesses:

Convenient for your customers

Answers to customers queries faster.

Reduces the bounce rate.

Compatible to digital assistants.

Improves customers experience.

Helps you and your customers to multitask.

Reach the customers directly as it answers their questions instantly.

Useful for customers in ordering,booking and visiting near-by businesses.

Reduces the time of typing for doing any search.

You can easily understand your customers habits impulse their susceptibility.

This provides answers  so it empowers your customers.

For businesses with large no. of loyal customers help them to reorder and purchase expensive goods.

Makes your day daily routine clutter free ad easy.

By easily providing answers ,it can increase traffic to your landing page.


This gives options to work/concentrate on other important works i.e. it helps to multitask  like the below scenario:


My uncle and i was driving to a shopping mall and while i was driving, i received  a phone call from my office colleague asking for  presentation that i prepared .It was saved in my phone.

In normal scenario, you have to stop the car aside, hangup the call and then send the saved file to him Right?

But by this voice command you have to give command to your digital assistant to send the file (name) to the(friend name) email saved in your email a/c and it is done.

It is done by just giving a command to your digital assistant and the job is done without interrupting the present work in hand SIMPLE.

The relation of business with VSO:

Doing a search on google used to be tedious earlier,but now by just uttering words from your mouth the search is done and required information is there in front of you.

For doing VSO you have to optimize your business profile on search engines but for the voice search feature,It is active only for GOOGLE now and Yahoo and Bing the feature is yet be activated.

OK Google .. for google search engine. but for the other search engine like Yahoo or Bing

Therefore doing your business ready for voice search so that customers can see your businesses details after doing voice searches for your  services.

As the voice search number are increasing day by day we have to put all things in place to avoid losing the huge number of audience by not doing the VSO for your business.


Planning to go to salon while travelling. Ask Google to show salons nearby your location, and google will display list of salons near you.

The results which appear is the list which has done the VSO for that specific location. Now a days almost 20 % of people  are doing their searches by voice on daily basis for something or the other. So to get cover and reach this audience you just have to optimize your business for this VOICE COMMAND SEARCH..

Options to optimize for VS:

To optimize your small/big business for VS you have to consider below options:

1. Maps listing optimization

2. GMB optimization

3. Website updates that pop up on the search results.

4. Local Citations, as different devices grab results from different places.


VSO is the need of the time for every business may be small/medium/large.Due to the rise in the use of smart devices in every walk of life, it is important for every business owner to get his business ready  to get that 20% search coverage and reach.

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