Terms of Use

The following Terms of use document is meant to be considered as a legal contract between A Website Clinic hereafter the client and developer in regard to the web development and design. The terms mentioned over here are related to all our web development projects.

By visiting or registering with A Website Clinic will confirm that you agree with the terms of use and agreement as mentioned below :-


When it comes to acceptance of the agreement, you will find a copy of the said terms of use that is submitted along with the project quotations. You need to make sure that you agree to the terms of use before we start working on your project. The documents of both the online payment and advance payment are also a part of the acceptance details mentioned in our contract.

Copyright & Permission

The copyright on the final images, web designs, source files, codes and pages as created by developers should be with clients upon the final payment. This should be done before with a written agreement. This should be noted that without any such agreement, possession of the codes and designs will be with the developer only.

The clients’ claims of distribution or resale of final files will remain prohibited unless any prior written contract is made between the developer and the clients.

If the developer creates a website then the client shall add a development link or credit on the website. Whatever amendment or development will be done by the developer, the client agrees with the developer to include it. However, if requested by the client, then the links should be there in the code and not displayed on web browser.

The developer is allowed to reserve the right on any work that has been professionally done for the client in his work portfolio.


As per the agreement, the developer has the permission to deny the handling of the following:-

Any media containing hostile program and virus

Any media inappropriate or unlawful

Any media that founds infringement of privacy, criminal offence or copyright.

Domain Names

A Website Clinic reserves the right to purchase several domain names. This will be done in the best interests of the client. The domain name that is purchased will be registered in the Client’s name using the developer’s contact details and address. The client should also be abide by the terms of use set by any third party involved in the service.

Third Party

A Website Clinic might require the third party services- say for example the credit card processing in order to complete the project needs. Not only this, but the functionality also adds ensuring that the services are combined rightly. It should be ensured that A Website Clinic will not be responsible for any issues with the third party service.